Catharsis Music Theory Modules 9-16

OLD Catharsis

Music Theory 1I youtube links

(reminder note: This is from my old school “Catharsis Worship School” which doesn’t exist anymore. Please ignore all of those references.)

Intro Video

M9 U1 Tonal Center & Tonality

M9 U2 Lennie Tristano Ear Training Method

M9 U3 Banacos Ear Training Method

M9 U4 Ear Training Aids and summary of Ear Training

M10 U1 Intro to Rhythmic Notation

M10 U2 Quarters Eighths 16ths Halfs & Wholes

M10 U3 Dots & Ties

M10 U4 Tuplets & Straight vs Swung

Mod 9&10 Review PART 1

Mod 9&10 Review PART 2

M11 U1 Map Symbols Intro

M11 U2 Common Road Map Signs

M11 U3 Intro to “Welcome to my World”

M11 U4 Going thru “Welcome to My World”

M11 U5 Map & Map Symbols “God of Abraham”

M11 U6 Go thru “God of Abraham”

M12 U1 Transcribing Techniques – Audacity and hearing the bass note

M12 U2 Transcription Techniques

M12 U3 “How Can I Not Move” chorus

M12 U4 Wrap up Transcribing Techniques “How Can I Not Move”

Mod 11 & 12 Review

M13 U1 Transcribing PART 2

M13 U2 Transcribing melodies- finding tonal center

M13 U3 Making lead sheet – ear training

M14 U1 Intro to 4-note chords – Sevenths

M14 U2 Unpacking the 7th chords

M14 U3 Dom 7th Chord focus

M14 U4 More four-note chords

Mod 13 & 14 Review

M15 U1 Common 7th chords on keyboard

M15 U2 Less typical 7th chords on keyboard

M15 U3 Basic 7th chords on fretboard

M15 U4 6th Chords and imperfect 7th chords on fretboard

M15 U5 Aug Dom & Dim 7th chords on fretboard

M16 U1 Diatonic Chord Progressions w/4-note chords PART 1

M16 U2 Diatonic Chord Progressions w/4-note chords PART 2